Bodies becoming nations??? or how I’m still learning to be from the United States in an illusionary transnational context while still enjoying tacos

Gomez Pe??a dubs himself as post-Mexican. I however see nothing appealing about this self-asserted, post-colonial branding. It is hard to imagine that all of the bodies that flock the camiones and take twelve-hour bus rides to US consulates are??salivating??for such designation. I get it Gomez Pe??a, we need to decolonize the body??? to think beyond border identities. But carnal, the endless lines suggest otherwise. I am sure you have seen it??? you know the The Second Wave, La Segunda Ola.??


Latinos as one of the "richest" markets.??There's an entire text about how to target us!??See Hispanic Marketing 2nd Edition. In general,??Latinos want in to that part of 'America' that is still left, but also the other side wants in too. Mel Gibson is working with Banda Machos! Yes the US a bit torn down and going through its I-have-no-job-and-have-a-credit-card-bill nineteen year old phase. Don't worry though, Latinos will come in wearing cowboy hats and boots, take up all of the mini-malls and build up large small and??medium??size markets, you know those "mom and pop" shops that all??politicians??claim we need so much.??


I am here, one of them! Forking over muchisima plata for acceptance. Allowing the endless wait time to get to information desks to confirm I wont get a surprise at the time of the interview. Double checking, tripple checking. I engage in conversation with other paisanos while we wait. Today I felt like a veteran. I got the chance to provide information to immigration newbies. Being that this is my second time in Juarez, you pick up a thing or two. All of this information, informally, helps, but formally confuses at the same time. People talk and give each other feedback, however, each case is unique so advice can only be taken with a grain of salt. Still, people talk and commiserate. "Quiren puro dinero!,"??the young man in front says scoffingly. He has been here for two months. Running back and forth between DHL office and this very information desk. His documents has been lost somewhere in between. Limbo! He cant leave Ciudad Juarez until the documents are found.??


Don't get me wrong , Juarez is not dangerous. It's just expensive!??


So here you have it folks: a performance unfolding before your eyes. One body becoming a nation. Consuming the immateriality of??nationality.??


Bonafont agua?? is refreshing. It keeps my hydrated as I make my way through cherished small pueblos. Tepatlit??n, your bandas fill squares and blast across cactus deserts. When will we have time to work?! Vivaaerobus says it's a fiesta all the time.??


Matching is fun.??


Is orange the color of hope???


And yet another unexpected serendipitous color match .??


Mexico, you and Lady Liberty make a great couple. You should ask her out some time.??

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